Immunisation and Vaccination

You can book an appointment for a variety of vaccinations. Your health, age, lifestyle and job can determine the vaccines you may need.

Childhood Immunisation

We provide childhood immunisations based on the National Immunisation Program.

Immunisation from birth is highly recommended for all Australian children. 

Please remember to bring your Blue Book and Australian Immunisation Record with you each time you see your doctor for immunisation

Adult and Senior Vaccination

The National Immunisation Program schedule provides free vaccinations for adults and seniors. You may need booster doses of some vaccines to maintain high levels of protection. Most vaccines are more effective if delivered at a specific age. The following vaccines are provided free to adults and seniors aged 65 years and over:
Pregnant women Influenza and pertussis (whooping cough) – See Immunisation and pregnancy
Indigenous adults 50 years and over Pneumococcal
People 65 years and over Influenza
People 70 years and over Pneumococcal
People 70-79 years Shingles


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