Even people with pre-diabetes should see a diabetes educator to prevent themselves from real diabetes. Diabetes Educators can provide you with initial information, what can happen in the future and what to look out for if something goes wrong. The frequency of your visits to a diabetes educator will depend on your diabetes and your blood glucose levels.

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is a progressive condition and preventable. Diabetes Educators can help people with diabetes delay the progress via healthy eating, exercise and losing weight. Diabetes educators can provide up-to-date knowledge to help with diabetes self care to avoid diabetes complications, including-

Understand what is diabetes

Use of medication and insulin

Foot care

Self monitoring blood glucose (use of glucometers)

Setting diabetes targets

Healthy eating for diabetes

Free registration on NDSS (we can sign the form for you) for you to buy


blood glucose test strips

Provide free glucometers

Get your blood glucose level checked instantly

We have a fully qualified credentialed diabetes educator, Angela Hsiao, in our clinic. She has more than 10 years working experience in Australia. She is very friendly and willing to help, and is happy to provide no gap service to patients who is covered by Medicare or DVA.

Medicare and DVA provides rebates for diabetes educator visits to treat chronic health conditions. Your general practitioner will coordinate these referrals. In our centre, we bulk bill (no need to pay) for patients with chronic conditions and have a proper referral.

Talk to your doctor if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes today, and ask a referral to see Diabetes Educator to prevent and treat diabetes!


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