Credentialled Diabetes Educators are specialists in diabetes. They are health professionals who have completed further study to focus their efforts on helping people with diabetes self-manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications.

A diabetes educator can be the first point of call when you are wanting more information, support and/or motivation in the management of your diabetes and the link between other health professionals. They have in-depth knowledge on all aspects of diabetes and can recognise when you need to see other members of your health care team for example, an optometrist or podiatrist.

Our experienced dietitian and diabetes educator in our medical centre in Sydney city can assist you in developing a diet to manage your diabetes and determine the best way to keep it under control based on your health and lifestyle.

Female nurse measuring blood glucose level of senior woman

Blackheads: Hair follicles get on the skin’s surface and open up. Appears with the black dots especially around nose.

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